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Demystifying the Employee Communication Process

August 29, 2012

Davis & Company has published two books that I highly recommend to my colleagues in corporate communication and human resources. The first is The Definitive Guide to HR Communication by Alison Davis and Jane Shannon. I haven’t come across a better resource for creating clear communication that engages and motivates employees. Their approach begins with steps to understand your employees and treat them like customers—two fundamental areas that are often overlooked when rushing to get communication out. The book progresses through planning, messaging, writing, selecting communication channels and measuring effectiveness. The book includes plenty of examples and case studies that demonstrate how to turn boring, confusing messages into memorable ones. The inclusion of “HR” in the book’s title is somewhat misleading—the principles apply equally well to corporate communication professionals or any executive that creates communication for broad internal audiences.

How to Conduct Employee Focus Groups by Joe DeLuccia, Kimberly Gavagan and David Ptire, is another excellent resource for anyone who wants a refresher on the subject. It takes you through the process from setting objectives to reporting results. I found the book helpful when conducting focus groups for an Intranet redesign project I did at Brocade.

Both of these books can be ordered from Amazon or from the  Davis & Company website, which also contains free articles and white papers. Alison Davis also has a excellent weekly blog with insights and tips on employee engagement.

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